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CARP on Fly under cloudy weather

I am still in front of CARP which was sucking on the bottom,though it has already been the start of 2017 trout fishing on a few rivers.

by pex1413 | 2017-01-31 01:13

New year fishing

The year of 2017 have come and the half of month have passed. I could not stop hoping to fish, then I went to revers near by house where I enjoy fishing carp on fly. I started this attempt for examine of flyfishing on flat and sight fishing since the end of last season. I had been able to get some fish, but not so constantly. I want to fish more unerringly.


I got some good hints for fishing at this time. The fish came to me with sucking on bottom. Then I cast fly too close, and I thought it would be scoop soon. The fly sinked and touched the head of fish. In the next breath, the fish became exciting and chased the fly. It run away with bending my rod.

by pex1413 | 2017-01-21 02:20

Carp year

This year became Carp Year because the Hiroshima Toyo carp win the Central league of Base ball in Japan after 25 years passed since last wining. Then my wife's sister married with husband who is crazy fan for CARP and she should be Carp woman cheering the red baseball team.
There are no relationship with them but I have tried carp flyfishing on flat.

Many fly fisher may enjoy Carp sight fishing in the world as looking through You tube, though the Pan Fly fishing with chumming is popular in Japan. Like bonefish, after casting to fish shadow on shallow, fish chase on the extension of the fly line and then run with splash... That is decent sight fishing. 

I think it is not only funny fishing but also good and accessible practice for sight fishing of Black snapper. Why don't do it, if you want skillful for fishing on flat?


by pex1413 | 2016-12-11 17:55

Fall in deeper

The first snowfall at Tokyo was detected on start of November and it was earliest record.  The end of season for the fishing on HAMANA flat have arrived, though no one know it have been game over or not actually.


But I still challenged to fish on flats which are on south direction. There were many fishes which were too nervous. But I could feel the line tension which were full of vitality, after many times approaches.


At evening, I enjoyed fishing with small trevallis and small sea basses.



I caught good size trevally that is twice size than the fish in the photo and bended my #6 rod at bat. The fish lay near my foot but it was unlucky that it had run away before I took photo.


Now it is middle of December and X'mas is coming soon. But should I try again?
by pex1413 | 2016-12-02 21:33

Hight of Water

In this time it was very difficult fishing because of keeping high level of water. At low tide, there were still much water and the hight of water reached above my knee.


In that worst condition one fish was coming toward me with boiling, very luckily and I casted fly in front of the fish, retrieved fly line on medium speed, and then could catch it very easily.


by pex1413 | 2016-10-22 17:08

Fall passing

It was forth time to fish on the Lake Hamana. So I think I could catch many knowledges for fishing on flat during some experiences. On this time I try some items that were system and method though I don't know they were good effective or not. It was lackey I could catch four fish.

It was spring tide and I should start with so high level of water that there were no sand delta allover the lake. At first place I hard the popper sound and saw boiling fishes but I stood at down stream side from fishes. I tried to replace but not so good then I lost first chance.
I move to other point before noon with low tide level and meet so many waving fish fines over countable under cloudy and no wind. Any time before I had lost these chances like this but in this time I could feel 3 bite and caught 2 fishes. One lost was still striking too early.


After noon water came up very early and the tide was on top level. I could not find other place than the flat I had fished at first. So I hoped to revenge morning fishing or enjoyed baby sea bass fishing. There were some signs of fish though they were not chee bass and I head same splash sound as in the morning. I searched for large flat like A-WACS and finally I could watch black snapper which rush behind small jumping shrimps. The deference from this morning situation was standing at upper side of current from fish. And I could catch two fishes.




by pex1413 | 2016-10-15 08:18

Third time lucky

I fished at the lake Hamana on third time in this year, and could catch black snappers at last. It was tuff condition because tide level was neap and it was windy. I think neap should not be always bad condition. Wind make the condition for sight fishing difficult and we need technical casting.
It was good wether before noon and I could find many fishes and catch a fish that run toward me with undertow and bit my fly with no wonder.

But it became windy bringing heavy cloud as like as the report of wether forecast.
There are not many places wind effect little on the lake Hamana. However I could find good place on which many dancing fins. I casted so many times that a blood blister on my hand was broken, but no fish became active and bite my fly. I gave up almost, but then one undertow changed running fish, pulling my fly line and I feel high living tension on my left hand.

I could understood some items but could not still some items, for flat fishing at the Lack Hamana. Perhaps, it is different for approaching to fish including target of fly casting. Many time fish become spook to fly but some time active to bite fly. Though it was most important, I know.


Can I count this one for my result?
by pex1413 | 2016-10-08 08:06

The digest of 2016

Since my second child have come, I could not go fish so often as before. But it was not so bitter because of her pretty face.


During passing the busy days, it become almost the end of season 2016, right now.
It was not enough season for fishing, so I could do less than half of plans that I thought at first of this year. But I could get few opportunities to go fishing, and I will look back at this year.

During best turn, May to July I did no fish, and I could restart at August. It was already Summer season and good for high land fishing, for which we usually need to walk long time on mountain trail. But I can get good fish at just down from the stope of my vehicle, without hard walking. At the Large pool, some good size fishes were rising at noon. They were nervous because it was too fine and shiny day but finally eat black small fly and laid in my net.



On the other day, I walked on high land way for 2 hours toward the paradise of fish, but there were no fish.

At the end of August, I went the stream in the village on high land. I could catch beautiful fish which was not so big though.


At few weeks late, I get a surprise by hearing the NEWS that 117 peoples were stung by hornets on the village where I had fished. So I knew I had fish below the bridge under that there was big beehive.

The fishing on large river was not so good until August. But I could catch some fishes witch were good and enough, but not more than 40cm.


Though I almost abandoned to get size up over 50cm, I could catch the fish that was enough size. It rushed and jumped with bending TRX-590: ultra first action rod on butt section. I found myself that I stand under the starry sky, when it laid down under my foot.

On the other day, I caught one more.


My season of Lake HAMANA start just now. At last year I misunderstood the limit of my boat license and went there only once. So I want to go many times for taking back last season.
In this year I already fished twice but lost 5 black snappers one day and get no bite of same fish the other day though I could watch waving fish fins more than countable. Moreover, My rod: #7 SALT was broken and My camera dropped away.

何方か浜名湖で 赤いオリンパス:TGー1を見つけられたら教えてください。


by pex1413 | 2016-10-01 15:57

Wide angle

For Pentax's New full flame camera, the puller lineup of changeable lenses is problem. Though, it is pleasure to check and fine the lens for APS-C format which is useful on full frame mount.
In my collection, there are two lenses that is effective for new camera.
One is smc DA 12-24mm F4ED AL, that can be used on between 18mm to 24 mm escaping interference by image circle. another is HD DA 20-24mm F2.8-4ED Limited DC WR, on between 28mm to 40mm. I have not expect using them on full frame.


HD DA 20-24mm F2.8-4ED Limited DC WR


smc DA 12-24mm F4ED AL
by pex1413 | 2016-07-05 00:54

It has come, now...

The new single-lens reflex camera with K mount have been released on April. The new model is so rare that there is no sample on shop front and few stocks on online shop of Pentax. I have been able to look for the shop that could deliver this camera early and have clicked to order one. Then the article have come, the name of camera is "PENTAX K-1", produced by RICOH.



I have been waiting the full frame camera with K mount and did not upgrade my camera, though there were many release of new model made with APS-C sensor until today. Especially a low-pass filterless sensor make high-pesolution image, the system started with three previous generations, K-5Ⅱs. Now I can get the image-sensor which have both specifics, full frame and low-pass filterless.

For full size camera, it is matter that the maker produce few of lenses for full size image sensor. But don't worry, some of lenses for APS-C can make good image without aberration of brightness. In my case, I have some lenses which can use with Full frame. These focusing length are 28mm, 35mm, 43mm, 50mm, 85mm, 200mm. It is enough, I think!


For my first impression, most useful function is focusing. It becomes faster and higher accuracy.
It is effective not only for auto focusing but for manual focusing. It is easy to take a picture by manual focusing with the function of catch in focus. The shutter will be released automatically when the focus length is adjusted. Though, I can't try all functions.


by pex1413 | 2016-06-05 07:19