In this season, there were few information of good fishing on stream filed, though it is previously middle of May and Okinawa is in rainy season. One of reason is snow meltwater which is much more than regular season because of large snow fowl in early spring.
I think it is best chance for practice of nymph fishing, but it is so difficult that I could not have been caught fish yet. Then I tried fishing at some undiscovered places where I checked before. But any luck didn't come to me, some no fish day have been continued.
So I hoped to brake such bad cycle, I went to solid place for fish with a few fear that it is still too early for fishing at there.

In anxiety, the water was too cold like ice. My hand dropped in water is paralyzed. I could watched some fishes but they were no active and were far staying some position. I had to try any ways and approaches, and the largest fishes in each school bit my fly. The scenes were very exciting and I could refresh my mind.



by pex1413 | 2017-05-19 06:28
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