It need long time, but I could start 2017 season for river fishing. When I was flesh for fly fishing I could not stay house on opening day for fishing season. But now, I am likely to escape the crowd of fishermen, and I to think timing is more important for flies hating etc. So It means that I become old ?

It was already midl of March, but it was still snow at the North side of Gifu pref.. On the road of the Gamata river, snow was falling at Hirugano and the snow road was continued through the Hirayu Hill. It looked like the first day of March.

It is not fine condition in this season because of water discharge at from upstream and I could not hear good information. But there are fishes in the river, I believe and I could not choice another way.
Snow was still falling when I arrived river side. It was not bad, but good thing was not continue. It became shiny and windy. At any rat, first fish of the season was very pleaser and I could get soon luckily. Then flies ware starting hatching and it became chance time. I fished constantly with battle to strong wind. The good time was endless and continue to evening though usually it is limited in short time. I found any number of rising and could get double-figuers fishes. That was good start for me, though I lost three good size fishes.



by pex1413 | 2017-03-25 09:09
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