Carp year

This year became Carp Year because the Hiroshima Toyo carp win the Central league of Base ball in Japan after 25 years passed since last wining. Then my wife's sister married with husband who is crazy fan for CARP and she should be Carp woman cheering the red baseball team.
There are no relationship with them but I have tried carp flyfishing on flat.

Many fly fisher may enjoy Carp sight fishing in the world as looking through You tube, though the Pan Fly fishing with chumming is popular in Japan. Like bonefish, after casting to fish shadow on shallow, fish chase on the extension of the fly line and then run with splash... That is decent sight fishing. 

I think it is not only funny fishing but also good and accessible practice for sight fishing of Black snapper. Why don't do it, if you want skillful for fishing on flat?


by pex1413 | 2016-12-11 17:55
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