Highland river

Many typhoons came to Japan this year and left much damage. Last one left much damage on east side of Japan. On the midland where I live, also much rain has fallen and almost rivers came up too high water revel.


On such bad condition I went to highland to fish. Around the river I selected, there was not so much rain and the water kept still low level. Few of rain would rather make good condition.


The season became fall on mountain and there were a lot of dinner for bear. On this area others have watched bears many time, even though I didn’t see at once.

Thin curtain of rain hid me form fish and therefor I could catch many fishes. The average size was not so large but their condition was very good. They were not nervous and take my fly docilely.

Small body but wild faces...


The average size fishes...




The biggest one that was over 1 feet.


by pex1413 | 2015-09-15 01:22
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